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About the No Child Left Inside Act

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The Elementary and Secondary Education Act is also known as No Child Left Behind, which in the past few years has fundamentally changed the way that education is delivered in this country. It has defined the core content that all students in the United States must learn to be considered proficient at each grade level. As of 2007, this includes content standards in reading, math, and science. In many school districts, this has translated into teaching only those subjects and standards that are assessed.

If Congress adopts the NCLI proposals, a substantially strengthened Elementary and Secondary Education Act will include:

For more information see the 2011 Q&A (pdf) and the Fact Sheet (pdf) as of August 2011 — a great resource to take when you visit legislators

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No Child Left Inside Act of 2011

The No Child Left Inside Act would increase environment literacy among elementary and secondary students by encouraging and providing assistance to states for the development and implementation of environmental literacy plans and promoting professional development for teachers on how to integrate environmental literacy and field experiences into their instruction.

Key Provisions of the No Child Left Inside Act: